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Referral Information

If your insurance policy requires that you obtain a referral to see a specialist, please call our main office number at 781-344-3791 and follow the prompt for our referral line.  This line is monitored Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please note that referrals may take up to 48 hours to process; please plan accordingly.  Although your physician has referred your child to see a specialist, you must call our referral line to obtain a referral if your insurance plan requires one.

Referrals may only be completed after you have made an appointment with a specific doctor.  We cannot obtain a referral for a group, clinic or specialty.  Please have the following information available when you contact our office:

  • Child's Name and Date of Birth
  • Specialist's Name
  • Phone Number for the Physician
  • Date of the Appointment
  • Reason for the Visit

If you require an urgent referral for an appointment on a day on which our referral line is not monitored, please call our main office number at 781-344-3791 and follow the prompt for the well-child line and one of our staff members will be available to assist you.

Please note that most insurance companies will only back date referrals for a specific period of time.  If you fail to obtain a referral on time, you will be responsible for all charges.  Please consult your insurance company for their referral requirements.  If your insurance plan changes, do take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules of your new plan and contact our office as soon as possible to inform us of your new insurance.  Insurance referrals are specific to the insurance company. If your insurance changes after you have obtained a referral, a new referral must be issued under your new plan.

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On July 1, 2019, Dr. Philip Hourigan will retire from the practice of pediatric primary care.  Dr. Hourigan has been caring for infants and children for over 35 years.  His practice consists of three generations of families.  He will be greatly missed by his patients and colleagues.  We all join in wishing him a happy and healthy retirement.
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